Safe To Say The Guy At The Gym Who Put On His Shirt Before His Pants Is a Psychopath, Right?

I’m not out of line for thinking that am I? Behavior like this is evidence of a mad man and a psychopath. I walk into the locker room to see an older guy (let’s say 65) sitting on the bench completely clothed (for a change) sans pants. Button down shirt with no pants. At first I didn’t think much of it because I was pleasantly surprised he had anything on, unlike his friend, who happened to be sitting next to my locker comfortably in his birthday suit, legs wide open like he’s sitting on the beach. Fuck outta here with that. But then it hit me. Had to do a double take. What kind of animal puts on their shirt before their pants? That’s totally insane, a real unsophisticated outlook on the world if you ask me. I’m not trying to meddle into anyone’s life, but things like this makes me question what other kind of ridiculous things this guy does. It’s more proof that there are some crazy people out there. I have no idea where they come from or why we cross paths, another one of life’s mysteries.

There is no reason to ever put on a shirt before pants, assuming you’re not putting on a shirt to sit on the couch like me during my retirement OR putting on a dress shirt before dress pants because it’s getting tucked in. Underwear first. Socks second. Pants. Shirt. Shoes. As far as I was concerned that’s not optional. It’s a formula engraved in our DNA. Old people just don’t care. They do not care. I bet he puts on his right sock before his left too, really sick shit.



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