Lil Wayne’s Daughter’s Super Sweet 16 Recap

I don’t know if My Super Sweet 16 is making a comeback (god I hope so) or if they just aired this special episode, but Reginae Carter’s Super Sweet 16 was nothing but entertainment. 10 out of 10 television for obvious reasons. Lil Wayne’s daughter turned 16 last November, she goes by “Nae Nae”, and MTV got the whole thing on tape. First things first, let’s assume she was still 15 when the filming began. That means that Lil Wayne was 31, and the mom (Toya Wright?) was only 30. THAT means that Lil Wayne knocked up his chick when he was 16 and she was 15. We could just stop here really, that’s unreal. When I was 16 I was still getting hyped when girls would bend down at their lockers and their thongs would stick out. Becoming a father just wasn’t a priority, but that’s just me.

To be honest, she wasn’t as much of a spoiled brat as I thought she would be. Very little drama ensued, and call me crazy but she actually seemed like a genuinely nice girl. With that said, there’s not much to complain about when the budget for your Sweet 16 is one gazillion dollars. The only thing that legitimately made me upset/angry/jealous because my life sucks compared to hers is that she got two cars; she got a beamer and a Ferrari (his and hers Ferraris, one for me one for my daughter). There’s just no need for a 16 year old to have two cars in my opinion. But Nae Nae Carter and I live somewhat different lifestyles I guess.

The best part BY FAR was when her Godfather bought her jewelry before the party. He got her a Rolex and earrings, I think worth $16,000. But that’s not what’s important. Her Godfather is BIRDMAN. Yes, THIS MAN is her Godfather.

If there was one reason worth being excited about if I were to switch lives with Nae Nae Carter, it would be this. Lil Wayne is my dad? My nickname is Nae Nae? Nicki Minaj flew across the country to perform for five minutes (not an exaggeration) at my Sweet 16? I got a BMW and a Ferrari on my 16th birthday? Ehh. Wait – Birdman is my Godfather?! Sign me up!

PS – Cannot even fathom how fucked up Lil Wayne had to have gotten at his daughter’s S16. He was probably more excited than her. You would need serious hard drugs too if your daughter came out looking like this to perform.



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