Situation: You’re Spinning The Big Wheel On Price Is Right. Who Do You Say Hi To?

Okay, people, here’s the situation. You’ve been blessed by the game show gods to be called down to bid on a prize on the Price Is Right. You managed to win. Maybe you got to play Plinko after that, maybe you won a car, I don’t know. But now it’s your turn to spin the big wheel. The Showcase Showdown is within arms reach! All you have to do is out-spin your two opponents. It’s your moment. As the wheel spins, Drew Carey asks you, as he did for each other spinner, if you want to say hi to anyone. So who do you say hi to? Seems like a pretty basic and straightforward question. That’s the mindset of a simpleton and a fool.

Everyone has pretty much the same response. They plug in any combination of “my friends out in the audience, my mom, my dad, my brothers and sisters, and everyone back home!” There’s not much time in the spotlight here. The wheel is already spinning, Drew asked you a question. You only have a mere few seconds before your window is closed and the wheel stops spinning, at which time you’ll need to make the courageous decision to either stay or spin again (unless you get super lucky and hit the $1.00 and proceed to go ape shit). There’s three directions you can go:

1. (Not preferred) Do what everyone else does, say hi to your family and friends, continue to live a boring life abiding by the status quo in all facets of life.

2. When Drew asks if you’d like to say hi to anyone, respond with, “Nope”. It’s concise, and it’s powerful. Show no emotion, keep your eyes locked on the wheel because that’s what you’re there for. No smile, no small talk. All business.

3. Say hi to a celebrity, but in a way that might make people think you know them. “I’d like to say hi to my close personal friend LeBron James!” It’s such an odd thing to say in this situation that it’s believable. If you’re watching at home, you’d do a double take and say, “Wait did he just say close personal friend LeBron James?”. Funny stuff.

So who do you say hello to? It’s a rare opportunity to make yourself stand out on national TV. Best not squander it.

PS – RIP this lady’s ankle.




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