Waka Flocka Reading ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Is Everything And More


Pure comedy. This was better than watching celebrities read mean tweets about themselves. Putting someone like Waka Flocka in a situation like this is the epitome of a mismatch, and I for one am thankful for it. XXL could not have picked a better person for it. Once he starts to pick up on what he’s reading, he gets super into it. He’s just a character, animated, not shy at all, and downright hilarious. He starts to make comments to himself (I think he used the phrase “pants-riding this motherfucker”?) and then he improvs about neck nibbling. Priceless. And that’s just part one.

“His fingers slip into my panties. PAUSE.” If you don’t know what “pause” means you better ask somebody. I’ve been trying to make that a thing for years.


I think I’ve derived what he said at 0:37 in part 2. Sounds like “I gotta put this book down, this motherfucker got me horny. Get the fuck outta here!” Amazing. And then I think he said the guy was “spiced up”? I’m not too familiar with that terminology. How about is genuine excitement about the movie?

“Gonna get bootleg, bitch!” … “I gotta see this in the movie eatin popcorn.” Unbelievable quotes.


PS – I saw Waka Flocka perform live last summer, one of the greatest live performers I’ve ever seen. He was riding around on a mini bike in the crowd before he went on. And he wore a Coca Cola tiled shirt with matching shorts. No joke.






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