New Video Surfaces Of Afroman Throwing Dude Off Stage

 (action begins around 1:50)

We could sit here all day saying Afroman is this, Afroman is that, Afroman is a bad guy, blah blah blah. Or we could take a step back and tackle the real issue at hand. Why are these people getting on stage? I’d be lying if I said I condone Afroman’s actions here and when he punched that drunk chick in the face. Realistically that’s easily preventable if security is even remotely doing their jobs. But if we’re being honest, fingers ought to be pointed at the assholes jumping on stage. It’s not a karaoke bar, it’s a concert. If you choose to ignore all rules and social standards and climb on stage when someone’s performing, you get what’s coming to you, and deservingly so.

That chick decided to get too drunk, get on stage, dance on Afroman during his guitar solo, and promptly had her clock absolutely CLEANED. A real vicious blow to the face, but there are consequences for breaking rules. In this instance, it looks like the guy makes an effort to share his joint with Afroman. And when he welches on that act of kindness, he’s subsequently thrown from the stage like a rag doll. It’s an unwritten law that you must share your weed with Afroman if you’re on stage at the same time. You abide to that when you step foot in the building. It’s a binding contractual agreement. When that poor schmuck comes to and realizes he just got his body thrown across the room, he rights his wrong. Pay close attention, he ends up passing his joint to Afroman on stage. Forgiven but not forgotten.

I’m starting to think Afroman’s policy is that he doesn’t require security. He’s the talent, the security, and everything in between. If you’re at an Afroman show (which is hilarious in itself), it’s his world, his stage, his rules. And his rules are non-negotiable.

PS – The Christmas song he was singing in the beginning was catchy as hell. Really gets you in the holiday spirit. Nothing says Merry Christmas like Afroman.



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