Apparently Afroman Is Still Alive And He Punched Some Broad In The Face On Stage


It’s not such great news that Afroman punched a chick in the face, but let’s take a second to celebrate that he’s even alive! And performing for that matter. Feel bad for the girl, but absolutely hilarious video, and I can’t say she didn’t deserve it. If Afroman only has one rule, and that’s don’t drunkenly wander on stage and back your ass up onto him mid-guitar solo. I thought that was a pretty well known rule. Couple questions though.

Where is security? This girl was comfortably on stage and slowly worked her way towards the performer. That doesn’t just happen. And then some dude hops on on stage (her friend?) to console her without any problem. He almost got his ass kicked too, which was great. He gave that look to Afroman that said “What the fuck bro? Woah sorry nevermind, I’ll see myself out.”

Where has Afroman been? This is the first time I’ve heard his name in a long long time. Once in a while I’ll be somewhere where someone plays Colt 45 and everyone appreciatively sings along. But other than that, he’s been a straight up ghost. But that all answers my security question. He’s essentially been a nobody/has-been for the last decade, so he books small time gigs where there’s no security and he plays weird guitar solos. Ya hate to see someone with such talent, such promise, fall off the wagon.

How about that shoulder shrug after he delivers that shot to the face? Cocky as can be, like “WHAT?! That’s whatchu get!”. And then right back to the solo like it’s another day at the office. What a true entertainer. Laugh out loud funny.

Savvy social media game as well. Legends don’t have time for sympathy. He’s got bills to pay.

Glad to see he’s doing well, though.

Unbelievable picture.



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