Official BEC Review: Bagel Bazaar

Bagel Bazaar

Location: Bagel Bazaar, Englishtown, NJ

When the temperature is below zero outside, very few things can get me to leave the house. I don’t like leaving the house anyway, weather aside. A Monday morning Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich is one of those things. Bagel Bazaar is just a short drive away, so this delectable sandwich was worth braving the cold for. The whole wheat everything bagel was top notch; the bread selection really can make or break the sandwich. The omelette style egg is not my favorite or my personal choice, but they make it work. The cheese was not as melted as my palate desires, but the well done bacon compensated and then some. Sometimes when you ask for well done bacon, the chef doesn’t take it seriously. But this guy knew that I was on a mission today and that I needed to start my day off right. Bonus points for not being stingy on the bacon portion either.

Overall, it was not the best sandwich I’ve gotten from BB, but they don’t sacrifice quality, even on frigid cold days. Bagel Bazaar is a contender every day of the week, and it was just what I needed to start the day.

Official Score: 8.1 out of 10.



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