UVA Girl Goes Absolutely HAM On Dance Cam

(just need to watch the first 0:42)


We’re barely 6 weeks into 2015 and this is already a nomination for video of the year. Absolute gold. Need more of this girl and I need it yesterday. That look on this girl’s face is priceless, despite the extreme possibility of it giving me nightmares. She’s got this snarl in her lip and this look in her eye that screams “this is my moment, everybody get the FUCK away from me”. You can’t ask for much more. Not once did she break eye contact with the camera, that’s when you know. Usually when you first get on the screen you smile and wave and then get back to your dancing. Nope, not here. That would have been wasted screen time. When the black girls sitting behind you start cheering you on with encouragement because you out danced the shit out of them right in their faces, you know you’re on a roll. Unbelievable moves, unparalleled energy. She was aggressive and electric! The look, the shoulder dips, the gyrations, it’s tough to beat. She’s not there to watch the game. She’s there to dance and then dance some more. And it’s laugh out loud funny.

You gotta just sit back and scratch your head wondering how this guy won. You don’t dance like that and lose, you just don’t. He was fine, she was fire. He must know somebody.




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