Iggy Azalea v. Papa John’s: The Case Of The Pizza Data Breach







Here’s the story from what I’ve gathered after diligent research. Iggy Azalea ordered Papa John’s from HER phone, her personal cell phone. She answered the door HERSELF when the pizza arrived. Delivery guy obviously realizes that he has Iggy Azalea’s phone number in his phone, so he gives it out to his friends. His friends blow up Iggy’s phone, and now she’s upset and is complaining about a breach of privacy. Iggy Azalea (plaintiff) has a decent point. It’s fucked up for the employee to give out a customer’s personal information; the fact that it’s a celebrity is irrelevant. Her privacy was in fact invaded. It’s no different than a waiter posting a celebrity’s bill online.

Papa John’s (defendant) has a case as well. When you’re rich and famous, you have other people do things for you. You hire an assistant to handle your trivial daily tasks. Schedule my appearances, manage my finances, order my pizzas. If Iggy Azalea wants to expose herself and do everything on her own, then she has no right to complain about the publicity. She sucks. She’s got some set of cahones to ask them to “rectify their breach” and threaten them with a lawsuit. Additionally, labeling it a “data breach” is a bit over the top. And ranking Papa John’s ahead of Pizza Hut and Domino’s is as disrespectful as disrespectful can be. I rule in favor of Papa John’s. Shouts to Bianca for the tip.


PS – Well played, DiGiorno.



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