HammerTime Podcast Ep. 12


Episode 12 in the books with the help of BrandoSMASH and the first appearance of Mr. Klembo, live from Madison, Wisconsin. Finding out that he lives in a different time zone was one of the most shocking things I’ve ever heard. I never really thought about it I guess. I run on Eric time, so I just assume everyone else does too sometimes. My time zone is the only one that matters. You knew there was gonna be some Super Bowl talk. My doubts about Lenny Kravitz were confirmed (he is most certainly not the “King of Cool”). Warren Sapp got arrested short after the game for soliciting prostitutes (hilarious). Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman, but not before a little vehicular manslaughter to keep him on a low profile! We break down the greatest bout in the history of bouts, Gary v. Neighbor. Seriously, it’s one for the books. And for some reason, Twitter might be allowing users to pay $1/year to become verified (no thanks).

It’s all here! The boys!


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