Does Anyone Else’s Mom Set Their Clocks Forward On Purpose?

I was asked to not blog this by my mother. Yet, here we are. My mom’s clock in her car is 8 minutes fast. It’s not even 5 or 10 minutes, it’s 8 because why not right? Why isn’t it zero minutes fast? Like why does the clock need to be set forward? I’ve asked her multiple times for a legitimate reason, and I’ve gotten nowhere. She gave me some kind of nonsense answer about having a different way of thinking when the clock is set forward. It was the most confusing answer to any question ever. The clock should show the correct time. If my phone clock was 10 minutes fast intentionally, how would that make my life any easier? It would confuse the shit out of me because, you know, it’s the wrong time. The entire world operates based on the time, so I don’t see the need to confuse myself or anyone else. I’ve tried rationalizing it every way possible, and I’ve come up with nothing. Does it maybe create some sense of urgency because you think you’re running late at all times? Could it be the total opposite? Maybe you give yourself more time psychologically because you know the time is actually earlier than what the clock says? I just melted my own brain into mush with that argument. This realistically shouldn’t bother me at all since it really has no effect on me. So naturally I deem this one of the most infuriating things of all time. Absolutely maddening.

Please tell me I’m not alone and someone else’s mom does this. Is this just one of those mom things? I need answers.


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