Jimmy Fallon Organizes An Amazing ‘We Are The Champions’ A Cappela


A cappela is two words, who knew? Man, you learn something new every day. But this is just awesome. Fallon continues to make noise as the top talk show host on tv, at least in my opinion. I knew this dude was funny way back in the day. I’m talking back in his Taxi days with Queen Latifah. It seems like every few weeks there’s another video of his going viral, and that’s because it’s true. He’s a true entertainer. One of the reasons he’s so cool is because he’s kind of awkward. He’s just some scrawny white dude who has some weird quirks, but when it’s time to perform he’s hysterical and downright talented. This Brady Bunch/Hollywood Squares thing is just the next notch on his belt; easy to say considering he brought out every superstar out there right now.

Carrie Underwood looks good. No other way to put it.

I still can’t believe Sam Smith is white. Blows my mind.

What’s with Ariana Grande? She does this weird thing when her chin shakes when she sings, and I can’t stand it. I need answers. Also that ponytail needs to go.

Blake Shelton – strictly soprano. I need to hear a Shelton falsetto. High note for me, one time, Blake!

Usher is the King of Cool (not fuckin Lenny Kravitz like Katy Perry said).

Meghan Trainor stinks and I hate her solely on the way she spells her first name. It’s too complicated. I can’t believe she’s famous. She doesn’t belong in the same conversation with this group, let alone the same computer screen.

One Direction, stellar as usual.

Christina Aguilera gets the MVP. Looks almost as good as she did circa Genie In A Bottle. Top notch voice also, facts only.

Pretty cool stuff though. It didn’t sound very interesting based on the concept but as a whole it was dope. Everyone brought their own flare and it just worked. I enjoyed it thoroughly.



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