Gary v. Neighbor: The Case Of The Irresponsible Snow Shoveling


Well then…. That was something. Here’s a quick tally of words/insults dished out by Gary.

He used the word fuck in some tense 13 times. Two “lunatics”. SEVEN “assholes”. Two “psychopaths”. One “sociopath” (that one has to cut deep). And finally, there were two “pile of shits” given out; the first was in the form of “worthless pile of shit”, and the second was a simple “motherfucking cocksucker pile of shit”. He really has a way with words, just so eloquent and well spoken. Poetic, even. I’m on both sides here. You don’t throw your snow on someone else’s property, you just don’t. That’s a dick move, even in the thick of a blizzard. Figure out a way to clear your property without invading someone else’s space.”You don’t put any snow that was where you were on my property.” Can’t really argue with that. And the camera guy was also egging this guy on, video taping him, touching his garbage can with ONE finger like a real dickhead, basically calling him out. Bitch move.

With that said, I think Gary may have overreacted a bit. I thought he was gonna pop an artery at one point. He got LOUD. Face turning red, steam coming out the ears, the whole shebang. It’s just snow man, it’s inconvenient for everyone. No big deal if a little snow finds its way back to your property. But he was adamant about his personal space, holy moly. There is no chance this is the first time something like this has happened. Everyone has a neighbor who they don’t like, who nobody likes, who doesn’t like anyone else. Old people hate young people, that’s just the world we live in. Gary is no exception. That 80’s Starter jacket was such a Gary move. Everything he did was just so Gary. Talking with his hands, stomping his feet, pointing his finger, clenching his fist, that’s just who Gary is.

I’m siding with the cameraman because I want to see Gary get angry again. And just for the record, snow shoveling is poor people’s work. I’m done with it.


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