UVA Student Hit Halfcourt Shot For $18,000 And It Was Awesome

Now that football season is officially over, we can focus all attention on what is going to be an exciting next few months filled with college basketball. I mean Selection Sunday is in 40 days for crying out loud! One of the best things about college basketball is that there are games on every single day of the week. Waking up on Saturday morning to watch College Gameday has become a tradition like no other. Eggs and Gameday, Bagels and Bilas, what a combo. Anywayssssss about 15 minutes before the 12:00 games tip-off, one student from the home team school gets a chance to win some serious cash if he hits a half-court shot. From what I remember they used to get one chance. In this case, dude gets 18 seconds to take as many as he needs. 4 shots was all it took.


Absolutely insane. National TV, 5,000 of your friends rooting for you, $18,000 on the line. No problem. I was watching this live and I jumped up off my couch like I knew him personally. I felt alive. If you watch again, this Tyler guy doesn’t seem the least bit nervous. Cool, calm and collected, just like you read about. His first shot was pretty damn close, you knew it was gonna happen. It wasn’t an “if” situation; the only question was if he was going to run out of time. This kid LOVES the pressure. What a shot. Turns around in circles, doesn’t know what to do. He definitely blacked out but somehow managed his way atop the scorer’s table, a savvy, veteran celebration. If you ask me, he should have just stayed there cocky as can be. Either that or you run into the crowd for a dog pile. Or you head straight for the cheerleaders to tongue somebody down. What a moment. And to top it all off with what seems to be like a premeditated handshake with Jay Williams? Madness. What a boss.

PS – “Tuition I guess”? No shot. Hookers and blow for him and all his boys after the game.



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