ICYMI: Sandy Alderson Joked About The Mets Shortstop Situation


MetsBlog: Sandy Alderson introduced Cal Ripken Jr. at the N.Y. Chapter of the Baseball Writers of America Awards dinner in New York last night. “It’s a big night for me and for Mets fans, who have been waiting all winter for me to introduce a shortstop,” Alderson joked, before handing the podium off to Ripken. Alderson has repeatedly said all off season that he hoped to acquire an upgrade at shortstop. The Mets been connected in rumor to several high-profile shortstops, including Troy Tulowitzki and Ian Desmond, but now appear likely to again enter Spring Training with Wilmer Flores and Ruben Tejada competing for the starting job.


Over the weekend, Mets GM Sandy Alderson thought it might be funny to crack a joke about the Mets not having a capable shortstop. I speak for all Mets fans when I say it’s not funny. Not only was it not funny, but it was ill-timed and uncalled for. The shortstop position was the biggest problem for the Mets last season, and it’s been an issue since Jose Reyes left for Toronto. Not addressing the position has been the biggest omission of the offseason thus far, and it may be a mistake that keeps the Mets out of the playoffs. Ruben Tejada cannot hit the ball. Wilmer Flores is not much better, and the combination of him and Dan Murphy attempting to turn double plays is laughably bad. There were guys out there to get, and although the asking price is high for most of them, the Mets have the pieces to deal.

But this is more about Alderson’s dumbass thinking it was funny to make a joke like that. Fuck that guy. I can get mad at the players for just not being good enough, but when there’s an opportunity to improve, and management seems to be okay with the current roster, that’s what’s frustrating. That is why fans are aggravated. That’s why the Mets don’t win and why they can’t sell tickets. And I know it’s not just him. He’s working under the unreasonable financial restrictions of the biggest losers in New York, the Wilpon’s. Every other team seems to be trying to improve every single day. If they have a roster void to fill, they go out and do it. Sometimes you have to overpay, but when that player’s going to make an instant impact on your lineup, it’s an easy pill to swallow. The Mets have pieces in place to compete; they have some of the best young pitching in baseball. Fans have been hearing “next year, next year” for years. This year is “next year”. It’s put up or shut up for this team, and management does not seem to care sometimes. You can’t win when you have frugal owners and an incompetent GM. Money talks, wake up.


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