HammerTime Podcast Ep. 11


What a perfect night to get back on the airwaves. There are blizzard conditions outside, and there is alcohol inside. So it was really a no brainer. TWO brand new guests for this special snow day edition, including BrandoSMASH himself and the lovely Bianca, our first female guest. I gave a brief explanation of how I took an $81 Uber on Friday night in Philly, we talk snow, Josh Gordon being suspended again because he just loves to party, what pose a statue of ourselves would be in, assigned seats at the movie theater (which is the dumbest thing ever), the announcer falling on the Price is Right, and Red Velvet Oreos.

I got heated talking about the assigned seats at the movie theater, and I’m not going to apologize for it. I take my position on the matter quite strongly, and I’ll defend it to the end. It’s ridiculous. Anyone who thinks they have a good enough argument to convince me otherwise is welcomed to step up and give it a shot. I’ll twist your brain into a pretzel though, you won’t even know what we were talking about.

Brando and Bianca brought the heat in their debuts, and Gratz followed up his debut with another stellar performance. There’s a good chance that nobody will have power to watch this, and there’s an even better chance people will find something better to do on their snow day than watch this. So all of the keys that I’ve typed could potentially go to waste. Sick. This snow is killing my vibe.


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