FBI Busts Russian Spy In Manhattan

Admist the brink of a possible historic snow storm, the FBI certainly did not take the day off from work. Today was an off day for me, for reasons other than the inclement weather. But it’s nice knowing that some people don’t take days off. Three feet of snow and 75mph winds on the way? Did you say State of Emergency? Sorry, can’t hear you, we got Russian spies on the loose. Gotta love the FBI man. Here are some more details about this Putin informative.


People deflating footballs, FBI surveilling Russian spies, potential storm of the century? God I love this country. America just like you read about.

On a somewhat related note, season 3 of The Americans starts Wednesday. And it’s arguably the best show on television. The show gets no love but everyone who watches it loves it. Assuming you like these United States, you’ll be a fan undoubtedly.



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