Commercial Of The Day: Just Carpets NJ


These are the best. The family owned businesses have the worst commercials and it’s not even close. The camera quality sucks, the acting is subpar to say the least, and they’re painfully funny. They don’t make enough money so they get their friend to bring their shitty video camera and record a shitty commercial to earn a shitty reputation around town. In this case, this clown used to play NHL hockey and decided that his life after his sports career should consist of owning a carpets and flooring business. A real ten year plan, just like you read about. This was as cheesy and “try hard” as they come. The guy with the puck in his mouth at the end was the desperate icing on top of the bad cake.

And just a little tip, next time you film a commercial, make sure you can’t see the cameraman in the reflection. Rookie move.


PS – “Oh fuck yeah, look at all these rugs I got”




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