Snow, Though


Apparently we’re getting quite a bit of snow. I heard a couple inches originally, and now we’re looking at something closer to two feet, maybe more in some areas. What a major inconvenience. I like snow as much as the next person, but when it barricades me in my house with my parents, it’s not fun anymore. My parents have already mentioned that this will be great family bonding time. It hasn’t even snowed yet, and I’m already tired of it. With that said, there’s plenty of positives that come out of this. We stocked up on Cheezits and Goldfish. We have Ellio’s pizza. We have liquor. We have video games. And on top of that, I’m gonna GoPro the shit out of this storm. I don’t know exactly what it means but I’m gonna strap that little camera to my head and battle the elements. I really want to capture the moment, ja feel? I’m gonna watch so much television it hurts. And when the snow melts that’s not gonna change, considering I don’t have a job. So now that I think about it some more, there’s really no benefit to me. I’d be doing the same things regardless. Only difference is I won’t be able to drive anywhere and my mom is gonna ask to play board games with me.

Snow days at home versus at college are literally night and day, fyi.


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