Russell Westbrook Does What All Athletes Have Wanted To Do And Tells Reporter He Doesn’t Like Him


I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve wanted to jump through my television to punch a reporter in the face for asking a stupid question. I cannot even fathom how much the actual players feel like getting attacked with questions every single day. The last thing these guys wanna do after a loss is explain to the dumbass media what went wrong. They are well aware of what happened, they don’t need these reporters and writers right in their grill asking them questions that they straight up do not want to answer. They continuously try to stir the pot and poke and poke to get them to slip up and say something unorthodox onr controversial, anything that might make for a good headline/story. Not to mention that the majority of the reporters have probably never played any competitive sport in their lives. Hassling these guys after a game is not going to help them get over the loss or prepare for the next game. If it were up to them, the media wouldn’t even be allowed in the locker room. The only reason they cooperate is because they literally have to.

Marshawn Lynch, exhibit A, has kinda made “being a dick to the media” his thing. One word answers, saying the same thing over and over again, just doing the absolute minimum, and it’s all pretty funny. It’s kind of annoying now because it seems intentional and now that everyone else is doing it too it just kinda seems overdone and tiresome. Sometimes you sit back and keep quiet while something repeatedly bothers you. It builds up and piles on until one day you draw the line and speak up. Friday was that day for Russell Westbrook. He’s clearly had some issues with the media, or perhaps just this one guy in particular. He tried not letting whatever problem he had get the best of him, hence the simple “execution” answers. But the reporter wasn’t satisfied with that. And Westbrook is not satisfied with him. How embarrassing is that for the one reporter who just found out that Russell Westbrook hates him, but only him? Not Nick, he loves Nick. That’s journalism suicide like you read about.


PS – What’s up with that hat? It looks like it has eyeball holes, but it’s just confusing. It’s a hat, but with holes in it. Am I missing something? Maybe it’s some sort of Ninja Turtle reference.




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