Five Year Old Billed For Not Attending Friend’s Birthday Party

Plymouth Herald: A FIVE-year-old boy has been handed an invoice – for missing his friend’s birthday party. And now his parents claim they have been threatened with the possibility of court action if they don’t stump up the cash. Derek Nash and his partner, who live in Torpoint, discovered the ‘no show fee’ invoice for £15.95 in their son’s school bag last week. Mr Nash, a delivery driver, said he “thought it was a joke”. And five-year-old Alex has told his parents that his classmate will no longer play with him after he didn’t show up to the party. 

First things first, £15.95 is about $18.49. Now we can continue…

You know what? You can’t just do whatever you want in life without facing consequences. If you commit to something and then flake out, there should be some kind of after effect. Not only are you letting someone down, but they most likely made some sort of arrangements or accommodations. If you RSVP for a party and don’t go, it’s a dick move. No ifs ands or buts around that. Think about it from a wedding perspective. The hosts pay per person for open bar and for food. They are spending money based on how many people are coming. If you say you’re going, they are making arrangements based on your attendance confirmation. If you say you’re going, you must go. You can’t just run around canceling on people or just blowing people off without warning.

With all that said, this isn’t a wedding. It’s a fucking five year old’s birthday party. And we’re not debating over a $200/plate issue. It’s $18.00. If someone bails on your son’s birthday party, and you’re left with an extra goodie bag and 3 extra slices of pizza, boo friggity hoo. It happens. Deal with it. However, this falls on Alex. Despite his parents overbooking him for that today (which is pretty ridiculous to think about it considering he’s, you know, FIVE), he was ultimately the one that decided to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa instead of hitting the slopes with his homies. Can’t let that go unnoticed. That little fucker cannot act like that. That’s as selfish an act as I’ve ever seen. ACCOUNTABILITY, Alex. Maybe you’ll learn it some day. But until then, fork over the cash you little boner.



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