Championship Weekend Recap

It truly was a tale of two cities yesterday. We were blessed with one game that will go down in history as one of the greats (or worst, depending on your fandom), and we watched one of the most dominating playoff performances in recent history. Sadly I couldn’t enjoy the entirety of the Packers/Seahawks game, but as soon as I got to a television, the game changed. I actually believe if I had not turned the TV on, everything that had happened would not have happened. I feel partially responsible, so I owe an apology to all Packers fans. But that doesn’t change the fact that it was just a complete choke job. They had like 4 trips in the red zone in the first half and got 6 points out of that or something; that’s just unacceptable in game of that magnitude against that team in that stadium. It’s just not good enough. You cannot let a team like Seattle hang around; they may not have been clicking on all cylinders, but they’re gonna make big plays. You can blame the play calling, you can blame Rodgers being off his game, you can blame his injury, you can blame Brandon Bostick for royally screwing up that onside kick (that’s who I’m blaming), but it doesn’t matter. Green Bay dropped the ball (pun for sure intended), and Seattle capitalized. Credit to the Seahawks for staying hungry and seizing an opportunity that was handed to them. Those fans who left early by the way get no sympathy from me or anyone else. If you leave a game early, you’re relinquishing that chance to potentially see a comeback. You get what you deserve as a fake, bandwagon fan.

And then there’s my good friends up in New England. Can’t say I was surprised at the outcome of that game, if you want to even call it a game. I don’t think the Colts even got off the bus. It was a full on beat down from beginning to end. Indi doesn’t match up with New England, and New England dominated in every facet of the game. They have tormented me as a fan for as long as I can remember, and I have a passionate hatred for them, but they’re just good. They have an evil mastermind running ship and, in my opinion, the best quarterback of all time. It doesn’t matter who their opponent is because they do what needs to be done. Their preparation off the field along with their ability on the field is a recipe for success. But enough of this love fest because they make me wanna throw up all over myself, and their fans are spoiled. I hope they get their dicks kicked in come February 1st, but in reality I’ll probably be sitting on my couch contemplating some sort of suicide activity while watching Tom Brady lift the Lombardi trophy.

PS – I will not refer to them by their team name anymore. They’ll be known as New England or my AFC East rivals, and anything in between.

PS2 – As much as I loathe my AFC East rivals, people gotta stop with the notions of them cheating. Even though they probably do cheat every game, they absolutely destroyed the Colts yesterday. Fully inflated footballs wouldn’t have made the slightest difference in that game. Final score may as well have been 100-0.


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