Price Is Right Announcer Tries Getting Fancy On Treadmill And Eats Shit


This is what happens when you put people on TV who aren’t meant for television. This is the announcer, which means all that’s important is his voice. We don’t need to see his mug on screen, ever. And he certainly has no business messing with all the equipment and trying to steal the show. So he gets what he deserves. Tries walking against the treadmill and promptly pays the price. Another classic expression falls perfectly into place here, and I just can’t help myself sometimes. Hey George, you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk? Nope. Laugh out loud funny.

But you gotta give credit where it’s due. The easy move is to stand up quickly, and hope the cameraman just focuses on one of the models to create a distraction. But George Gray is fully aware that this is a big moment. His next move is absolutely pivotal for his reputation and potentially his employment status. Sometimes when something like this happens, you gotta just embrace it and run with it. He does what only a brave man would do. He just stays on the floor and continue business as usual, as if he didn’t just embarrass himself on national TV. At this point nobody gives a FUCK about the treadmill prize, but that doesn’t affect him at all. He’s got a job do to. A true professional, he is.

Still hilarious. What an idiot. Don’t be a hero, man. Leave the facetime for the models.



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