Referee Pulling His Hammy Is One Of The Funniest Vines Of All Time


I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my entire life, and I do a lot of laughing. This vine has been on repeat for hours upon hours, and my level of reaction has remained the same if not improved each time. This was Saturday’s Baylor vs TCU game, overtime, 3 point game, about 15 seconds left, aka Crunch Time. The poor guy is trying to get down court on a transition play, comes up grabbing the hammy. It happens. It happened to me for the first time this summer in a softball game, and a pulled hamstring is no joke. I literally could not lift my leg for two days. If anyone ever complains about a pulled hammy, they’ll get my sympathy because I know the severity and the level of pain it comes with. But what happened to this man is not pain. There is no word to describe it. He goes from foul line to base line on basically one leg. But not like a normal injury. As he struggles to get to the end of the court his head is rocking back and forth like a horse in stride on the final stretch of the derby. It looks like he tries to walk it off as he regains his footing for a second, watches the play from a standstill position (praying that nothing happens that requires him to take action because he physically cannot make any call) and then appears to get SNIPED from the upper deck. It actually looks like someone pulled out his sniper from the nosebleeds, adjusted focus, locked and loaded, and shot this man in the back of the leg. He hits the deck like a sack of potatoes. I’m talking “this is it, this is the end”-type pain.

I had my hammy cramp up in the middle of the night like 5 years ago, and I truthfully thought that’s how I was gonna die.

Gotta stretch, bro. Man down.



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