The Stars Have Aligned And Ben & Jerry’s Is Releasing New Cookie Core Ice Cream Flavors

Esquire: Last week, Ben & Jerry announced the imminent arrival three brand new core flavors on Reddit. Core flavors launched last year and feature a topping core, which runs through the entire pint of ice cream. The latest pints actually make up a new line of flavors dubbed, “Cookie Cores.” All three ice creams feature everyone’s favorite sweet condiment in the form of a cookie butter core, plus crunchy cookie pieces running throughout the ice cream.

Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core: Dark Caramel and Vanilla Ice Cream with Speculoos Cookies and Speculoos Cookie Butter Core

Peanut Buttah Cookie Core: Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Crunchy Peanut Butter Sugar Bits, Peanut Butter Cookies and a Peanut Butter Cookie Core

Boom Chocolatta! Cookie Core: Mocha and Caramel Ice Creams with Chocolate Cookies, Fudge Flakes and a Chocolate Cookie Core.

Well, polish my nuts and serve me a milkshake. Would you look at that? Another one of life’s wonderful creations that seems to rise up right when we need it most. I think I speak for white girls everywhere when I say “Thank you based god”. This could revolutionize the ice cream industry as we know it. Maybe next the Candy Center Crunch will resurface. It’s like an ice cream sandwich but reverse and there’s ice cream all the way around and probably ten times better. This is only the beginning. Wait until they start putting full pieces of fruit in the middle, candy bars, and, if they’re crazy enough (which I think they are), brownies. You heard it here first. It’s gonna be like self serve froyo places, but in a Ben & Jerry’s pint. It’s all coming full circle. What a great day for America. This is why I don’t take countries like North Korea seriously. No shot they had breaking news like this today. Nothing happy is even allowed there, it’s like Russia. America: nuclear weapons, twerking, Ben & Jerry’s. We do what we do best.

PS – Had to google Speculoos to make sure it was a real thing. It is; seems to be some kind of Gingerbread-type concoction. Count me in.



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