Can Somebody Please Explain Trevor Booker’s Basket?


What really goes on at Area 51? Who framed Roger Rabbit? How did this ball get in the basket? Life’s greatest mysteries, people. I have watched this a thousand times, and I cannot logically understand how this occurred. 0.2 second on the shot clock, so there’s no time to catch and shoot. A tip-in is the only possible way to score, but I don’t know what this is. This defies the laws of physics and more importantly, the laws of basketball. This does not happen. The only possible way something like this happens is if those little aliens from Moron Mountain take over the basketball or Booker’s body or both. But that seems rather impractical and implausible. There seemed to be no strange reactions from an of the players, which is maybe the most alarming part of this entire thing. If I’m on the other team and I see that happen, the game will not continue until we get to the bottom of it. I’m stopping the game indefinitely because when weird shit like this happens, I wanna know how. I need answers.


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