HammerTime Podcast Ep. 10


Allow me (us) to re-introduce myself (ourselves)! Had to break out the big guns for this one, bringing back Luke himself and a brand new guest, one of the most disgusting people I’ve ever met. Let’s just call him Gratz. The man doesn’t need an introduction, and his performance speaks for itself. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been on air, so we recapped the holiday season, discussed my future unemployment, Gratz’s brief employment, Lenny Kravitz (yes, Lenny Kravitz), Shia LaBeouf, the Kiss Cam, Tinder, my dying legacy at Applebee’s, and the guy who won $500k on a lotto ticket but actually won nothing at all. Word on the street is tomorrow is gonna be gross out, so I hope this can help make someone’s rough Monday just a little bit better.

More special guests to come. Could be you. Hey, ya never know.

Best Dressed: Brandon, obviously.
Worst Camera Clarity: Myself
Creepiest Backdrop: Luke




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