Guy Wins Half A Million On A Scratch Off, Only He Didn’t Because It Was A Misprint


Fox News: By John Wines’ calculation, the scratch-off ticket he bought at a Roswell, N.M., gas station is worth $500,625. The state lottery says it is worthless. Wines, a retired heating and air conditioning repairman, bought the $20 “Ruby 7s” ticket on Dec. 6, and went to his car to scratch it off. When his effort appeared to reveal four prizes – two of $250,000, one for $75 and another for $50, he excitedly ran back in to present it to the cashier. It turned out the ticket bore at least two critical misprints above the $250,000 jackpots. Wines’ winning numbers, listed on another portion of the ticket, were 1 and 2. If either of those appeared above the prize, the ticket is a winner. Wines’ ticket appeared to show a 1 above both of the six-figure payouts, but an abbreviation code for the single-digit numbers did not match. It indicated that one was supposed to be a 12 and the other an 18. On each, the second digit was just a tiny smudge. “I didn’t misprint it. I bought the ticket in the good faith that if I won, they would pay me.” Wines called the state lottery, where officials offered him $100 worth of free tickets, but flatly refused to pay out what Wines sought.

Welp that would just about do it for me. If anything remotely close to this happened to me, you would find me at the bottom of a deep body of water with cinder blocks tied to my feet. There’s no coming back from this. It’s rock bottom. I literally don’t know if it can get worse than that. This is life punishing you for something you’ve done in a past life, there’s no other explanation. John must have done something severely sick and twisted to be hit with karma like this. Realistically this guy can sue for probably double the money but it seems like the fine print is not in his favor. The best move would be to sit back and feel sorry yourself and let someone start a GoFundMe account and watch the world open their wallets and donate to the cause because they feel sorry for this poor schmuck. But not me, I wouldn’t even make it to that. First of all I wouldn’t leave the premises of the lottery building until they handed me $500,000 in cash. That’s for damn certain. I’d probably end up in handcuffs, but I’m not willingly walking away from that ticket. But if I didn’t kill myself right after that, I’d sue the shit out of them. And if I lost I’d disappear and be found three weeks later when my body floated ashore. This is one of those times where someone says “How can things get any worse?” They can’t. FUCK that.



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