Mark Zuckerberg Is A Hypocrite And A Fraud And The World Needs To Know

Marketwatch: While most people have vowed to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2015, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a bit more interesting with his New Year’s resolution. The Facebook founder crowdsourced his 2015 resolution, calling on his 20 million-plus friends—and ultimately decided on reading a new book every other week. “I’m excited for my reading challenge,” Zuckerberg wrote in a post on Facebook. “Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today.” Essentially, Zuckerberg is planning to read 26 books in 2015. That will put him ahead of the average American, who in 2013 read one book a month, according to the Pew Research Center.

Previously on Why Everyone Hates Mark Zuckerberg, a story surfaced about why he wears the same boring, dull grey tshirt every single day. In short, he basically said he doesn’t have the time to worry about picking out an outfit every day because he’s too busy running Facebook. And while I wholeheartedly respect his commitment to maintaining his Internet empire that plays such a large part in today’s society, that’s all just a bunch of nonsense really. Despite my recent research on developing habits and automatically implementing them into my daily life, I have a hard time sympathizing for someone like this because he claims he doesn’t have time. And now he wants to read a book every two weeks. Granted his brain is bigger than everyone else’s and undoubtedly has a faster WPM (words per minute in layman’s terms) than most, reading a book takes quite some time. If he can’t pick out clothes in the morning, he doesn’t have time to read either. He said he wants to focus his attention on making Facebook a better user experience, but now he wants to focus on mental exercising? Doesn’t work like that, you big fraud. Instead of reading every night while you lay in your bed most likely tangled in expensive Egyptian linens, how about you pick out a nice outfit for the next day and, possibly, have sex with your wife? Reading books every other week doesn’t make you better than me. Your net worth does. Remember that.

How about this hypocrisy of one of Fuckerberg’s old resolutions was to wear a tie everyday? Guy thinks he can pull the blanket over my eyes. I DON’T THINK SO BUDDY BOY.

PS – “Only eating meat if I killed the animal myself”? How noble of you, Mark!
PS2 – Fuckerberg can’t dance? Didn’t see that one coming…




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