Here’s Why I’m Angry With Chris Christie

Everybody FREAKED OUT yesterday when they showed Chris Christie and has rolls galavanting all over Jerry Jones’s box at the Cowboys game. People literally stopped caring about the football game, the only close game of the weekend mind you, and shifted their attention to the governor. And I totally get it. Considering that everybody in America hates the Cowboys, seeing Governor Christie hugging everyone in sight was really the icing on the ironic cake that Christie more likely than not ate soon afterwards. As the governor of this fine state, the last thing I want to see his that mass amount of man rooting for the Cowboys and making out with Jerry Jones’s old ass. He’s basically sleeping with the enemy. But the guy can root for whatever team he wants. I don’t want to see him rooting for Dallas either, but I have two bigger reasons to complain.

1. If you’re gonna sit in Jerry Jones’s box, don’t wear a bright fucking orange sweater. He looked like a big basketball. If he’s a true fan he’s gonna wear blue or grey or white. At least try to blend in a little bit. You can’t hide all 300 lbs, but wearing BRIGHT orange is certainly avoidable. All eyes are gonna be on him, he has to know that. If you’re gonna position yourself in a situation like that, try to limit the damage. The last thing a guy like that needs is controversy.

2. This is my real reason for being upset. Not once have I seen Governor Christie supporting a NY/NJ team. I understand that the Cowboys are his team, and I appreciate his commitment to that, but when you essentially run an entire state, you become a fan of those teams. Plain and simple. The Jets and Giants share a stadium in New Jersey. Chris Christie became a Jets and Giants fan as soon as he took office. He has no choice, it comes with the job. This is what got me heated, man. I really could care less that him and Jerry Jones are boys. But ya gotta back the home boys too, standard procedure.

PS – Anger aside, I absolutely LOVE Christie sticking up for himself after getting attacked by the media for this stunt. Can’t knock the hustle.




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