HammerTime Podcast Ep. 9


The last installment of the HammerTime Podcast in 2014. And as you can see, we’ve clearly made no progress on the technological front. Hopefully I can pull some strings together and make this a smooth operation going forward, but I highly doubt it. Taking a few weeks off to enjoy the holidays, so we made sure to cover a bunch of topics. Bieber is blonde. How much is Kenan Thompson worth? Johnny Football shit the bed on the big stage. Sidney Crosby said he didn’t have the mumps when it was pretty clear that something was wrong with his face. We review NYC SantaCon, and we briefly touch on some of our Christmas traditions (as far as I know, the way my family does it is the only way to do it). Which is better: Home Alone or Home Alone 2? Is there a wrong answer? Drew has never seen Bad Santa which is criminal if you ask me. And who’s the bigger asshole: the people who drive with antlers and a red nose on their car or the people who drive with a wreath on the front of their car? Toss up.


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