Failed Marriage Proposal On Ellen Is Funnier Than You Can Imagine


This video is from three years ago, but come how it circles around every year around this time. It’s one of life’s many mysteries that we don’t ask questions about. Ignorance is bliss, and sometime’s it’s just best to be thankful and enjoy the moment. This video is hilarious for so many reasons. I can’t pinpoint one reason as there are a lot of moving parts here. As soon as the camera pans to Jodi’s face, there’s a clear “oh fuck” type, panicked look on her face. Things are about to get uncomfortable. When she hears Jacob’s name, Jodi’s body language quickly shifts to “somebody get me out of here” and “this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me”. She frantically looks around for her the man who’s heart is about to be broken, thinking “he’s not actually here is he? Oh my god this is going to be so so bad”. Jacob, on the other hand, comes out confident and jubilant. After all, he is about to propose on national TV. Give the man some credit, that takes guts. What can possibly go wrong? This is too funny.

Notice how Jodi hasn’t smiled once. Straight tears, but they’re not happy tears. My man doesn’t hesitate for a second, he goes straight to a knee, down to business. Jodi knows for sure that this is actually about to happen. “I can’t.” OHHHH YA HATE TO SEE THAT. Things kinda went the other way there, didn’t they, Jacob? But it get’s better.

Whenever a news anchor goes crazy on air, they quickly cut away to commercial or back to the station. But Ellen doesn’t give a FUCK about this rejection. It’s awkward for like 6 seconds, and then BOOM! Cue the bells and music! It’s like it didn’t even happen. Ellen has better things to do. And the audience doesn’t care either. Aside from a few saps who sat there with sadness, everyone directed their attention to the music and the happiness. I’m pretty sure Ellen started laughing at one point. Great stuff. I should be mad at her, but that was too perfect. “Okay guys if she says no and things get sour, hit the bells and turn the volume up.” Amazing. And pay close attention to heart-broken Jacob running up the stairs, undoubtedly in tears. What a sucker.

I’m just throwing this out there, if a man proposes to a woman in a public place, she has to say yes. She can go home later and tell him that she can’t marry him, but she MUST spare him the embarrassment. It’s embarrassing for her too. Nobody deserves to be kicked in the balls like that in front of people. But on the other hand, he’s gotta be absolutely certain she’s going to say yes. So you kinda get what you deserve with antics like that. One of the best videos around.


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