HammerTime Podcast Ep. 8

Apologies for being a complete mess, I’m still on west coast time and my brain is total mush. At 14:52 the screen goes black, feel free to fast forward to about 15:35. My screen went black when we were filming, Drew’s did not. It was kinda hilarious considering it looks like I was totally ignoring Drew. Pretty sure I said it was Podcast #9 when in fact it was Podcast #8. And Ep. 10 is in fact NOT next week. Clean it up, Eric.



-Las Vegas recap
-French Toast Crunch makes it’s long awaited return to the shelves
-Who’s hotter: Harry Styles or Nick Jonas?
-Drake was creeping on Cassie so Diddy sent him to the hospital
-What’s the deal with 50 Cent and Money Mayweather?
-College Football bit despite knowing essentially nothing about college football
-Tiger Woods apparently threw up on the first hole.
-If you could be on any game show, which would it be?
-Would you rather walk with a rollerblade on your right foot for the rest of your life OR always have a midget with a bad attitude in front of you walking a little too slow?

Next week is probably gonna be the last one before the new year. We’ll come out firing in 2015 with some new cool shit. ALSO, little surprise on the way for anyone who has missed my posts about the Manalapan Residents Group. I’ll leave you with that.

Quick recap on my weekend in Sin City:

Took last week off for some Las Vegas-related activities, so you know we had to recap that a bit. Everyone needs to get out to Las Vegas. I made it my goal to make the trip within a year of graduating, and it was one of the best weekends of my life. Everything is top notch and high class from the clubs to the food to the entertainment to the service. They do it all, and it’s all done right. Gordon Ramsay’s Steak was everything I expected and more; best meal I’ve ever had. One thing I noticed about all the steakhouses is that there’s no salt and pepper on the table. There’s no need for them, the meat is seasoned perfectly every time. High high quality stuff.

Jersey Boys was awesome, highly recommended for anyone who enjoys music and fun. If you’re not that type of person, well then I can’t really help you. I could tell half the people in the crowd didn’t pick up on a lot of the NJ/NY-based jokes. We hit up the UFC 181 title fights on Saturday, sitting in about the 7th row. Never been to anything like that before but it was an awesome experience basically hearing the punches. We met Joe Rogan after the fights, SUPER nice guy (that’s my celebrity encounter for the trip). And Hakkasan is maybe the craziest place I’ve ever been to. Ranked #1 club in America for a reason, it was absolutely bananas. When it’s your birthday, a fucking DRUMLINE comes to your table.

So that’s the detailed but still short version. But Las Vegas is everything it’s hyped up to be. Four days was MORE than enough as I’m still in full recovery mode. Make it a priority, save up a little bit of money, and hit up Las Vegas. They condone drinking more than any place I’ve ever seen; it’s almost encouraged. You’re allowed to walk on the sidewalks with open containers, and to be honest I felt weird NOT doing that because everyone else was. Fuckin Vegas, man.


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