Here It Is! The Best New Song That Nobody Knows About Yet!


I know what you’re thinking…it’s not long enough. Couldn’t agree more. What a jam. You’re welcome. I’d imagine the voting is almost over, but I think this may be the best song of 2014, if not of all time. I heard this in the car the other night, and it’s been on repeat since. Stupid lyrics with a FIRE beat. What else can you ask for? If this song isn’t on every station in two weeks, I’ve lost all faith in the world. I wanna hear this everywhere I go at all times. On your way to work, this is the jam. On your way out for the night, this is most definitely the jam. On your way to the supermarket, well, this is the jam. We’re gonna be hearing this song at karaoke bars, bar mitzvahs, weddings, elevators, etc. Apparently an albatraoz is some big bird, which makes no sense, which is why it’s great. Some of the best things are left unexplained. Ignorance is bliss.

Every time you hear this song from now on, you’re gonna dance, then you’re gonna think of me for introducing you to this hit, and then you’re gonna dance some more.

PS- Never heard of AronChupa but if I could go back to Thanksgiving dinner, I’d say I’m thankful for him. And if you think I look like him, I cannot disagree. Uncanny resemblance really.


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