Best Of Craigslist Missed Connections: Part 4

Tough act to follow considering the last edition featured one of the greatest pieces of writing this world has ever seen. But the show must go on. And the lovely people of New York have given us some fantastic material as usual. You may ask yourself why aren’t I searching for these kind of posts in this area. Well as weird as you think these people are that we regrettably call our neighbors, New York City is in a league of it’s own, the upper echelon quite honestly.


Click pictures for full size.


1This is unexplainably hilarious. “You ordered a wrap (which I thought was a burrito)” is top notch game. That’s one of those things you say to nervously someone almost on accident while you’re attempting to pick up a chick that somehow she eats out of the palm of your hand. Genius.


2 I saw a guy on the subway once with a surfboard, confused the shit out of me. My brain was mush for a week trying to process it.


3 Well then…


4 1) The “Random black girl” signature is too funny. 2) Assuming that “D Train Asian guy” can’t speak English is SO Random Black Girl it hurts. 3) Eating a rice ball at a train station is straight up psychopath behavior.


5 Next time I meet anyone new I will ask them if their dad is bald and how many cavities they have and nothing else. Don’t care about your name or what you do, just wanna know if male pattern baldness runs in your family and what your dental records read.



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