Gordon Ramsay Got Played But Did He Really Though?

GrubStreet: It seems the arch adversary’s rivals have taken a page from the master: Gordon Ramsay told British TV host Jonathan Ross this weekend that he and his full staff, eagerly awaiting the crush of diners, found themselves cutting perfect brunoise to an empty house on Heddon Street Kitchen’s opening night two weeks ago. “Saturday was our first big day,” said Ramsay.”We had 140 on the books and we had 100 [not] show.”

The chef, who has recently been in touch with what could be considered his softer side, said the sabotage was “bad spirit” and proved his competitors’ “level of envy.” Apparently, it was a pretty glum evening for the staff, and the move is forcing Ramsay to “reconfirm every table,” since he guesses the individual booked the block online. Ramsay didn’t conjecture about who the mastermind was, but maybe it’s just that the task was too difficult — the chef has been known to have an enemy, or ten.

This is one part really mean and one part really hilarious. I’m leaving towards the latter. On one hand, it’s a real dick move to do something like this, especially for a restaurant’s opening night and especially to such a prominent figure like Chef Ramsay. But then again, one failed grand opening means nothing to Gordon Ramsay because he’s had dozens before and he’ll have dozens more. It was one unsuccessful night in the span of a decorated long career. For some reason I think Chef Ramsay will get the last laugh, like when he goes home every day to his hot wife and takes money baths.

Seriously how rich and powerful do you have to be to have people trying to sabotage your new restaurant’s grand opening? Jealousy is an ugly trait, my friends. He couldn’t make a gazillion dollars that night? No worries he’ll just make two gazillion the next night. Must be nice to have that kind of presence where people literally have to commit all their energy and efforts into one minor sabotage for brief satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong, booking 2/3 of the restaurant only to have nobody actually go is a brilliant and vindictive move. I respect a big move like that. But nobody pulls a fast one on Chef and gets away with it.

Blimey! My goodness me! A bloody mean prank!



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