I Still Cannot Get Over What This Cover Band Did This Weekend

I’ll be the first to admit that I like cover bands. Well I like the concept of cover bands. A good cover band is really good and can make a night out or a party even better. But a bad cover band can kill vibes and ultimately ruin an evening. At the Connor Cures Gala Dinner (check out Connor Cures by the way), the cover band was pretty good. Everybody could sing, somewhat, and everyone seemed to enjoy them. But what they did at the end of the night was inexcusable. I was personally offended by a group of people I don’t even know more than ever before. Someone needs to be fired.

Anyways, things were going pretty well. A few songs weren’t total dance material, but for the most part, I was a fan of the cover band who will remain nameless because I really don’t get any benefit out of putting them on blast. The night was winding down, and the only people left on the dance floor were family of the hosts, close friends, and some drunk guy from Australia who drank more than anyone I’ve ever seen. The band announces the last song and starts playing the highly anticipated classic, Don’t Stop Believing. And it was a pretty damn good rendition of the Journey hit. But at the end, people started calling for an encore. After a quick debate, the guitar guy straps up, drummer boy plants his ass in the back, and the band gets ready for a final song. Already upset about trying to one up the last song, I figured they would at least go out with a bang.

U2. They played a U2 song. I don’t even know what it was called. They played a song that I had literally never heard in my entire life before that day. Most people had no problem with the song selection, in fact it might have been a request, which I don’t even want to get into right now. But you don’t follow up one of the great songs of all time with a Bono swing and miss. You just don’t. What are the most important songs for a cover band? The first song and the last song. I don’t know if there’s a cover band rule book, but I’d imagine some of the rules would be:

-Start off with a banger
-Play fun, popular songs that people can sing and dance to
-Make sure the lead singer has piercings in questionable places
-Lead singer must have bad but acceptable dance moves
-Don’t insult any of the guests over the mic unless they really deserve it
-Make sure the last song is straight fire
-Don’t follow up Don’t Stop Believing with a U2 song
-Don’t make your last song a U2 song
-Don’t play a U2 song

It was an unforgivable decision. If you win every game and make it to the championship and totally lay an egg (Patriots), you still lose. All that hard work you did was totally eradicated. I don’t really see any difference here. The nerve! Nobody pulls a stunt like that and gets away with it.

PS- People who get to into a cover band are the worst. I’m talking specifically about the people who throw up the rock and roll hand symbols after the band finishes a song. You know exactly who I’m talking about.


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