HammerTime Podcast Ep. 6


Coming to you live from the couch in my room, I present the sixth chapter in this book we call the HammerTime Podcast. Some more riveting topics discussed by some ravishing young men. Selena is hooked on the Biebs and Mark Zuckerberg is a loser who wears the same tshirt every day. Do you prefer the first or last bite of a meal? Is it your civic duty to confront someone who sits during the national anthem? Yeah, probably. One a personal level, I have enforced a new ice cream sandwich-related unwritten law in my house. My new shampoo has my hair smelling like pina coladas. And the first official scoring in my quest to find the best bacon egg and cheese sandwich. All-American Deli in Englishtown sets the bar high with a 9.9. Not sure if it can be beat.

I gotta give myself the Swaggy Gali Moment of the Week for my lack of professionalism and inability to remain focused on the task at hand after a minor distraction. Totally threw my timing off, and you know what they say when your timing is thrown off…

Shout out to this week’s sponsor: pears. Shout out to all them pears.

If you have any ideas or topics for the podcast, don’t hesitate to send them over. And if you still wanna be apart of this flawless operation, if you really think you can handle the pressure of being in front of the camera, let me know. We’re not all made for the big time.


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