Mark Zuckerberg Wears A Grey T-Shirt Everyday Because He’s A Simpleton And An Asshole

MarketWatch: NEW YORK – Don’t criticize Mark Zuckerberg’s fashion sense (or lack thereof). The Facebook founder says he’s sporting those grey T-shirts only to help company shareholders realize greater profits. Well, he didn’t put it in quite those terms, but the 30-year-old social media entrepreneur recently revealed that he sticks with the grey T-shirt to eliminate style choices and focus on more important matters. In other words, the less time he has to spend on making wardrobe selections, the more time he can spend on making Facebook a better user experience (and presumably a more profitable company, too).

“I really want to clear my life so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this (Facebook) community,” Zuckerberg said at a recent Q&A session at Facebook’s California headquarters. Zuckerberg noted that there’s research to back up his argument. “There’s actually a bunch of psychology theory that even making small decisions around what you wear or what you eat for breakfast or things like that, they kind of make you tired and consume your energy,” he said. “You’ll be happy to know that there are multiple[s] of the same shirt.”

What a load of boloney. Poor Mark doesn’t have time to pick out his clothes in the morning or scramble an egg because he’s too busy running an Internet empire. Boo friggety hoo. I get the whole automation and simplicity thing. I fully understand that these moguls have their lives pretty much on autopilot. But get out of my face with this garbage. He wears a grey tshirt every single day. He has multiples of the same exact shirt. Does anyone understand how weird that is? You wanna wear a tshirt and jeans every day, fine, I have no issue with that, but this socially inept asshole has like ten grey tshirts in his closet and just alternates them day by day. That’s straight psychopathic behavior.

That quote about having as few decisions to make as possible so he focus on the “Facebook community” is arguably the biggest try hard thing ever said by anyone ever. He is socially retarded, just totally inept and unable to interact with other people. And the fact that he took time out of his day to research this contradicts everything he says. If he was so preoccupied with providing for the Facebook community, Mr. Simpleton wouldn’t be wasting time doing research about why it’s encouraged to wear the same clothes every day. What a loser. Deciding what I’m gonna eat for breakfast every day doesn’t consume any of my energy, idiot. I don’t need to drop out of Harvard to draw up that conclusion.

It’s pretty alarming to think that Mark Fuckin Zuckerberg gets stressed out picking out clothes and eating cereal in the morning. The youngest billionaire ever and one of the most intelligent young minds to walk the planet can’t pick out clothes in the morning. Spare me. I hate this mentality, and I hate that people used to think I looked like him.

I’d bet my life savings that Zuckerberg’s sock game is non-existent, let alone lavish and exciting like it should be. I can go toe to toe with this guy’s wardrobe any day of the week no questions asked. The Winkelvoss’s definitely dress well.


One thought on “Mark Zuckerberg Wears A Grey T-Shirt Everyday Because He’s A Simpleton And An Asshole

  1. he is not only an asshole psychonerd but also a f criminal in a sense to steal millions of people privacy… i left for good that f fbk sh.. and im consider to join a class suit against fbk sh.. u right i loved your article and honestly i wish him and his f company the worse.. cheers

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