Bittersweet Sports Day Today

Another Sunday in the books, another emotional rollercoaster. The two seem to go hand in hand at this point. Usually my Sundays are filled with tears and disappointment, sometimes anger. So many emotions, I can’t list them all. The sports day started early with playoff softball. That’s right, softball. Playoffs. Men’s League. Fast Pitch. High stakes. It’s no joke. The Arrowheads have been through a lot this season, and today was a true test. We came out sleeping, got crushed the first game. No problem, now we just need to win back to back games against probably the best team in the league (note: we won 2 games all season and lost I think 12).

But that’s what got us there. Mediocre fielding, inconsistent batting, questionable base running. That’s our core competency, not gonna change now. The bats came alive early in game 2, the fielding was crisp. Behind a couple double plays (from me) and web gems in the field, and a few big hits (me; game tying RBI in Bottom 6), we pulled out a walk off victory to send it to game 3. Nobody saw this coming. Long story short, the Arrowheads came up a bit short today, three runs to be exact. This is not the end of the Arrowheads softball era. We’ll be back for the Spring season for redemption on these old guys. That’s the sad part.

But the Jets won! Hallelujah! I thought I was dreaming today. The Jets came out strong, fast, ready to go. In a game where people were literally discussing whether or not Big Ben would throw for 7 touchdowns, it was crazy to see the Jets play such a good game start to finish. Vick was efficient and the defense was FEROCIOUS. They weren’t perfect by any means, and it almost got interesting late in the 4th, but the Steelers came into town the Jets kicked their dicks in, plain and simple. FOUR turnovers. The Jets had THREE all season coming into today. The black and yellow were black and blue. And while a pretty large part of me would be content with the Jets losing out, cleaning house, and starting from scratch, being genuinely happy on a football Sunday is a feeling I haven’t had since early September. It’s nice. I forgot what being happy feels like on Sundays, it’s that serious.

Weird day. Lots of ups and downs. But I’ll take it.


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