Best Of Craigslist Missed Connections: Part 2

Things are always a little weird around Halloween. All the creeps and weirdos show their true colors. Combine that with the motives of Craigslist users, and well, it’s just weird.


1 Can anyone help this man? Looking for a woman that was at a gym in New York City. Do you know her?


2 Damn that’s deep. I know bro, I know.


3 My man here is looking for one specific girl who he saw at some bar on Halloween. No issues so far. She had long hair and was wearing shorts. Do you know her? Also, the phrase “highly trashed” is now mine.


4 Some people just have a way with words.


5 I don’t know what a pink weight is, and I don’t understand what “sorority leader” means, but I do know that if I had a nickel for every time a girl “disappeared” while I was chatting her up at a pizzeria, I’d have probably 45 cents.


6 Hey I was spying on you after yoga class. Are you coming to class again tomorrow? I’ll probably spy on you again. Wanna hang?


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