HammerTime Podcast Ep. 5


It was a weird weekend, so I apologize in advance. I went to Rutgers for homecoming yesterday, and I had Dominos for lunch today. On top of that I legitimately have no idea what time it is because of daylight saving. I am giving myself the Swaggy Gali Moment of the Week for being sloppy and unfocused and just totally disoriented and unorganized. But the show goes on.

Hayden Panettiere is a gross pregnant slob. Like really gross. Pregnant pictures are disgusting, and the fact that she has the nerve to do so when she KNOWS how I feel about her getting knocked up by Andre the Giant is straight up disrespectful. We run through the best and the worst Halloween costumes (cats, by the way). No Shave November is upon us. Taco Bell has a new app you can pre-order your meals on. And I disclose my recent problem that so many Americans have, road rage.

Sponsor? Uhh let’s go with Domino’s Pizza for helping me trying to keep my life together. Keep doing your thing.


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