HammerTime Podcast Ep. 4


A true squad assembles for 59 minutes of verbal shenanigans. Special guest and longtime friend Drew Regino makes his debut on HammerTime podcast and did so with flare. The chemistry was obvious, and the laughs were plentiful.

Rick Ross has been eating a lot of pears, Ebola has made it’s way to NYC, and the Jets stink. We nominate the worst Halloween candies, rank the best sports movies, and reminisce about the Manalapan hooligan days. Oh and we make fun of some lady who claims she stepped in dog shit. Three charming men, countless topics, squeezed into one hour and one computer screen for Internet greatness.

This weeks recipient of the Swaggy Gali Moment of the Week is newcomer Drew for dressing up like an old man from a movie that nobody knows and trying to tell me that Milk Duds are better than Whoppers. Not even a little bit, bro.

Shoutout to this week’s sponsor, Voss Water, “Artesian Water From Norway”. Just a great drink really.

PS- Can someone confirm that The Boss came to Manalapan this weekend to get ice cream? Doesn’t add up.


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