Remember The Couple Who Tipped $100 On A $60 Bill? Well They Just Got $10,000 For It From A Tuna Fish Company

Here’s a quick recap of what the original story is. A couple went to their Anniversary dinner, and got pretty shitty service but not to the discredit of the waiter. They said the waiter was overwhelmed with a dozen or so tables and was super busy and stressed, thus resulting in the couple’s subpar service. Their bill was $66 (nice anniversary dinner ya fucking cheapskate), and the couple tipped $100 to “pay it forward” because they have been in his shoes in the past. A really nice move especially considering how frugal people can be at restaurants. It got a lot of national attention because as nice as some people are, this act of kindness isn’t all that common. Well, after “paying it forward”, they are being repaid, and quite handsomely.

Chicken of the Sea (yes, that Chicken of the Sea), has given them $10,000. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for being super nice to an overworked waiter. Christ. I used to like these people. Now I hate them. Is it jealousy? Possibly. But it’s a lucky break for them. They did something really really nice, and the right people found out about it. Fuckin unbelievable man. I’m waiting for the day when I give a few bucks to a homeless guy as everyone else ignores him and walks right past him, and someone stops me and hands me 10 g’s. If Chicken of the Sea would have repaid the tip they gave plus a little extra, that would have been way more appropriate. Paying it forward usually results in something of similar value happening to you, not one hundred times valuable.

“Receiving that check just shows me that I have more work to do and I can give back in more ways and find more organizations that need a piece of that,” Makenzie said.

Give me a break with that. That’s such a media move it hurts. The cameras go on and everyone is puts on an act for the world to see. Get out of my face with that garbage. What she really means is, “We are so thankful that the tuna fish company caught wind of a nice thing we did, and now we’re rich.” A couple who spends $66 on an anniversary dinner who then gets $10,000 is now rich in their world that I like to call poverty. They need $10k more than I do anyway I guess. Plus they live in Iowa, that sucks. $10,000 in Iowa compared to in a normal state is probably like dollars to yen.


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