Best Of Craigslist Missed Connections

I’m pretty sure that if someone were to ask you to name a weird website, Craigslist would be the answer. It HAS to be. You can put out a request for just about anything on there. It’s definitely weird, but that’s what makes it entertaining. There’s one category in particular called Missed Connections that has earned some attention. Basically it’s people posting about someone they saw and want to get in contact with. So a lot of them (under the New York filter) are people trying to find some random person they were on the subway with. It’s so ridiculous. It’s so awesome. I don’t have as much of an attachment to this as I did with the Manalapan Residents group, but some of these posts are equally as outrageous. I highly recommend exploring through it if you have some spare time. BUT (disclaimer) these posts are in no way filtered. Take that how you will, but I wouldn’t do this at work or in front of people.


1 This is a perfect example of what these posts are like; desperate, pointless, and pretty creepy. Things seem to be all gravy here, until he wants to know “what makes her tick”. I don’t know what that even means, but that seems incredibly personal and inappropriate. Not sure why SCARF is written in all caps. It must be quite specific. Weird. And the end is great. Frank. So simple, but powerful. Reminds me of Old School.


2 Hey I was the guy in New York City at Starbucks with brown hair. Do you remember me? And “ice coffee”? Come on, do you even coffee, bro?


3 Personally I would have used a different insult term, but point taken, and agreed. The segway cops are the most pathetic people ever. Segway duty bottom of the barrel, new guy stuff. They give out parking tickets, so nobody likes them. And they look like clowns doing it.


4 Is that what kids call it nowadays? “Doing the tango”? Okay, okay. I’m with it. Should be pretty easy to find who she’s looking for, considering he wears a spider suit. Can’t miss him! PS let’s get #escalatorhighfives trending because it makes no sense and it’s hilarious.


7 UOLO = u only love once. I’m gonna trademark the shit out of that and sell mad tshirts. This girl has to respond. He thinks she’s cute or whateva. And he was cheesin dumb hard too. True love.



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