San Francisco Radio Stations Are Refusing To Play Lorde’s ‘Royals’ During World Series

EliteDaily: Yup, it is that serious. As the San Francisco Giants aim to capture their third World Series trophy in five years, two radio stations in the Bay area are banning Lorde’s song, “Royals.” While the relation between Lorde’s song and the team name of San Francisco’s Fall Classic opponents, Kansas City, may seem coincidental, the New Zealand-born singer’s inspiration for the song did indeed come from Royals legend George Brett. In turn, though, Kansas City’s 99.7 “The Point” station decided they will play the song every hour between 7 am and 7 pm on Tuesday, the opening day of the World Series.

God what a terrible song. San Fran must have been waking up every day praying for a Royals/Giants World Series, for so many reasons. This just gives the radio stations a valid excuse to ignore the requests they get and just refuse to play Royals on the radio. The Bay Area has set the standard for the rest of America. It’s a new movement! Keep ‘Royals’ off the radio! I imagine radio stations have to play certain songs that get requested and this is a reason to break the rules. It’s a slap in the face to the city of Kansas City, a slap in the face to the Royals, and a double slap in the face to that witch Lorde.

What a weirdo. You know those celebrities that seem to just fall off the face of the earth unprovoked and seemingly for no reason? I would KILL to see that happen to Lorde. Except I wish it was because everyone hated her and she grew to hate herself. She’s a joke. And she’s an inspiration to ugly/untalented people everywhere that anyone can be successful. But I digress. San Francisco is a baseball city. They sell out meaningless, weekday, inter league games in May. They also win the World Series like all the time. Cocky move implementing this anti-Royals campaign. Cocky but hilarious.

PS- Lorde sucks
PS2- Giants in 4



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