Chipotle Potentially Launching Line Of Pizzerias Because Why Not

EliteDaily: Everyone with tastebuds knows pizza is pretty much the best thing to ever happen to mankind. Chipotle’s execs, at least, seem to realize how much people love pizza. Yesterday, the burrito chain opened its second pizza shop in Denver. The company’s first pizzeria opened its doors last December in the Mile High City, and (unsurprisingly) the shop has been a major hit among local foodies.

The setup is similar to the original Chipotles in that customers pick their own toppings for their personal pie in an assembly-line sort of setup. The pizza is then shuffled into an oven, where it cooks in just two minutes. Pizzeria Locale, like Chipotle, prides itself on using fresh, high-quality ingredients. The shop mills the wheat used in the pizza crust on-site and dough is stored in an atmosphere-controlled room (the air supposedly mimics that in Naples, Italy, home of the famed Neapolitan pizza).

So many brands get real big and them try to go bigger an better but in doing so stray away from their core competence. Some view them as sellouts, some as entrepreneurs. But it’s always a shame when you see a successful brand try to expand but end up in a downward spiral. GOOD THING THAT’S NOT THE CASE HERE. I didn’t really comprehend most of that mumbo jumbo in that article except that Chipotle is getting it’s feet wet in the pizza industry, thus resulting in incredible arousal for me.

Disregarding that the only two pizzerias are in the city where the original Chipotle is (fan base), and also that any pizzeria in a state where weed is legal is bound for success, it’s a brilliant campaign. Same concept, and probably the same customers and demographic just a different product. Fresh, quality ingredients to create simple yet delicious culinary masterpieces.

I don’t even know what to say about Chipotle anymore. They take a simple concept and elevate it to extreme heights. They already run the Mexican food chain world, and in the process are making cheap sit down restaurants obsolete. Why not just make another gazillion dollars making 2 minute pizzas? Chipotle is just monopolizing the entire fast casual food industry. No doubt in my mind this will be a huge hit. Money tends to find money, if that makes any sense.

PS- If anyone can recreate the exact air from Naples it’s Chipotle and nobody else.



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