HammerTime Podcast Ep. 1


First episode of HammerTime Podcast in the books! Not so much a podcast as it was just 4 guys shooting the shit for an hour, and making fun of our buddy Chris. Shouts to Swaggy Gali, Miami Max, and Luke (he just goes by “Luke”). We hit a variety of topics, from Derek Jeter to umbrellas. We told a bunch of stories, like me almost dying at Applebee’s when I was 18. Oh and if you haven’t seen the video of the guy getting mauled by the tiger, here you go. And the fact that I now have partial access to the Manalapan Residents Facebook group again makes me so happy. Granted the “access” is just my friends finding the comments and reading them to me, but I still get to make fun of these nuts with an authentic, unsolicited reaction. (If you see any great comments send them to me). It’s pretty obvious that it’s not a very professional operation we got going on here. In fact it took about a half hour to get all 4 people in one Google Hangout. But we got it done, and it was pretty successful for the first time I’d say. Moving forward we’re probably gonna be recording every Sunday night, so if you have any topics or questions that you wanna hear, send them over.

Best Quote Award goes to Chris hands down. “At first I thought we were gonna do this via Myspace…or Craigslist.” Pure gold.

Intro – 00:00
Derek Jeter – 4:00
Bacon Egg & Cheese – 12:45
Crazy College Classes – 20:15
Working Life – 34:30
Tiger Video – 43:00
Manalapan Residents Facebook Group – 47:35
Mr. MHS – 52:15
Wrap Up – 58:50



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