I Am On A Quest To Find The Best Bacon Egg And Cheese

That’s right. I am on a mission, a mission to find the greatest breakfast sandwich in the area. It’s a simple yet strangely daunting task. But an exciting one at that. The boundaries are anywhere within the mainland US. But mainly focusing on Manalapan, NJ and surrounding towns.

I will get the same sandwich at every place. It will be a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese (double egg or two eggs), well done bacon, on an everything bagel (if available). The grading scale will be 1-100, and I am a tough critic. I take my BEC’s very seriously. There is no better Saturday/Sunday morning nourishment hangover cure. It’s the perennial powerhouse of weekend breakfasts.

I’m aiming to get all of these documented on film via the HammCam so everyone can experience the journey side by side with me. I cannot confidently say that one place has the best bacon egg and cheese I’ve ever had, so I am fully committed to trying any and all worthy sandwiches. But I can say that Zack’s Deli (formerly known as All-American Deli) is the best I’ve had in Manalapan. They set the standard very high for the rest, but it’s going to be a fair an open competition. If you know of a place with a great bacon egg and cheese, get in contact with me because we have sandwiches to eat. Nom nom nom.

PS- Behind Zack’s, some other contenders in the area are Eli’s and Bagel Bazaar. I’ve also heard great things about NY Deli in Yorktown and Pantry 1 despite my issues with BOTH of those places.

Double PS- it’s a shame that Battleground Deli is no more but maybe it’s not a shame because it wouldn’t even be a competition (RIP)


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