Send Me All Your Questions For HammerTime Podcast

There has been a lot of speculation of the possibility of a HammerTime podcast, and by “speculation” I mean I announced that it is going to happen. And I stand true to my word as always. We are testing new waters this weekend, recording the first edition of HammerTime. There still is no plan, I’m just gonna run with it. Some things will be prepared, a lot of it will be completely spontaneous. This is another opportunity to get involved at Don’t let the domain fool you. It may mostly be me behind the scenes at this professional operation I have going, but getting other people involved has always been a boost, whether the knew they were gonna be involved or not (see: Best of Manalapan Residents Facebook Group).

Send in your questions. Give me your best hypotheticals, situationals, or anything you want a second opinion on. If you want me to dive in on any kind of topic, lemme know. It could be a current event or a recent story or something you’ve always wanted to be transformed into a full debate/conversation. The best ones will get the nod. If you want your questions/comments to stay anonymous for everyone else, give me some kind of nickname or alias you want to be known as. Obviously it won’t be anonymous to me, but I abide faithfully to blogger-reader confidentiality should you choose to exercise those rights.

So give me your best stuff. It could be weird or serious or hilarious, but make it stand out. Shoot me a text, call me, tweet me, Facebook message me, tell your girl to tell me (we probably speak consistently anyway), etc. The plan is to record Sunday night, so contact me prior to then. Let’s get weird, kids.


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